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Giancarlo Morbidelli was born in Pesaro in 1934, eldest son of peasant family. He attends a technical school, and, at the end of the studies, he begins to work in a mechanical factory. After the “call up” period, with poor resources, but with great intelligence and passion, Morbidelli opens a little factory for the production of special woodworking machines.
Thanks to his great intuition and his great industrial and technical abilities, he is able to make his factory as one of the most important and famous in the woodworking sector; the industry knows a fast growth, and it comes to have over than 300 employees.
But Giancarlo’s greatest passion is the motorcycle, since he was a teenager, and he never forgets it.
Also to promote the Morbidelli brand all over the world, at the end of the 1960’s he decides to start the planning and the manufacturing of racing motorcycles; these bikes have a great success in the 1970’s, with many victories on the worldwide circuits and with the conquest of 4 world championships between 1975 and 1977.
At the end of the 1970’s Giancarlo begins to support his son Gianni, who starts his brilliant career of racing car driver with go-karts until reaching the F1 championship some years later. Giancarlo still follows and supports Gianni on the circuits where he participates to the races.
At the beginning of the 1990’s, Giancarlo is by now very gratified with his activities, so he decides to sell his booming industry to dedicate himself completely in his great passion for motorcycles.
He starts to plan and assemble a little series of 850 cc bikes with a V8 engine, a great and exclusive example of motorcycling technical, with no equal in the worldwide production.
For its incomparable characteristics, the bike enters in the Guinness World Records book and it is also displayed in the New York, Bilbao and Las Vegas Guggenheim Museum.
In 1999 Giancarlo, who collects old bikes since he was young, completes a Museum with a covered area of about 3.000 s.m. and an exhibition of about 350 motorcycles built from the first to the last decade of 1900 century. This work is the result of over than 25 years of research and cooperation with collectors and expert people of this sector all over the world.
The Museum is in Pesaro, where it is possible to see and admire the wonderful collection which wants to remember and recall the splendour of a glorious and fascinating history.


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